Class catchphrases Catherine Tate, Edna Mode and Judge Judy

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Being in Rem D has been absolutely hilarious. When i was ill I watched alot of Catherine Tate sketches and one in particular was called Lauren in French class, where Lauren, a 15 year old girl from north London makes her french teacher speechless during an oral exam by dissing her/ being quite rude. You may be wandering what this has to do with catchphrases in Rem D? Well, Lauren’s catchphrases are “Am I bovvered?” “Is it?” “Are you disrespecting me?” and “Alriiiiiight?” These became unfortunately a staple in my conversational vocabulary and now three of many of Rem D’s as well. We use these when people are being rude to us and we always win the argument. Next is Edna Mode from the Incredibles, a film by Pixar in 2004. She is a German, Japanese designer, who likes the sound of her own voice too much. When Elastigrl finds out that her husband is missing, Edna gives her a ticking off by saying, “What are you talking about? You are Elastigirl, pull your self together!” all while smacking her with a newspaper. That saying became another popular catchphrase of Rem D. Thirdly, Judge Judy. Judge Judith Shiendlin is a lawyer from New York. When she gets annoyed when people are telling lies, she yells “Baloney!” This also has become one of Rem D’s favorite sayings. That is why Rem D is hilarious

Dungarees Debate

Dungarees, you know the ones, they’re the clothes made from denim that decorators wear when painting a wall, but do you wear them out in town? Thursday afternoon was spent arguing with my mother (TheVicar’sWife) about buying me a pair from H&M in town. My arguments were that recently I have seen old friends from primary school Jammy and Mr Lol wearing them in town. Also in the newspaper, the fashion page “Street Chic” said that dungarees were in fashion and ladies on Oxford Street wearing black and white stripey ones or red and white polka dot.

Mum and Dad argued that the dungarees would get me laughed at if I wore them in town and they would pronounce my body shape in an insulting way. They also argued that dungarees were out of fashion a long time ago.

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Emotions, What are they?

inside-outOk guys there is a new movie coming out on the 24th July called Inside out and it is all about a girl called Riley and her mum and dad and each one is controlled by their emotions Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. Joy in Riley is basically the head of the group. She is the one who obviously makes Riley happy. Disgust protects Riley from being poisoned both mentally, physically and socially. sadness ruins everything, fear takes over when Joy and sadness get lost and anger is well, angry and has a volcano head. Disgust hates broccoli and anger always wants dessert.

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YAY! I’ve broken up 4 the holidays WHOOP WHOOP!

Hi guys just broken up for the summer OMG I am doing some amazing stuff this holiday like Camp and Norfolk and sailing YAY! Can you tell I’m Excited? Theme for camp is France and I have been practicing my Spanish for no apparent reason but I have also been practicing my french. We are also going to see the minions movie and Inside out and the cinema in West Brom (West Bromwich in Sandwell not West Bromton in London) I am also going to see Nana and Grandpa in Norfolk and we are going to visit where he grew up during the war!

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Show me the way to Tobermory

Take me from Oban dear son

For i want to see the coloured houses

there’s no other place like that one

Show me the way to Aberdeen

Take me from Glasgow dear wife

For there you and I will together forever

Share the happy and sad times of life

Show me the way to Edinburgh

Take me from Melrose dear brother

For I want to see the rest of the family,

To see our Father and Mother

Show me the way to Inverness

Take me from Dundee dear mother

For there I am meeting my darling sister

As well as my smelly wee brother

Take me back home to Weirhill place

Take me from Kelso dear friend

For visiting all these Scottish places

Is driving me ‘round the bend!

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Chewing Gum

Every single little bum that likes to chew on chewing gum, will one come to quite a sticky end that won’t be right. Did you hear, did you know, of a teacher called Miss Bigelow, who told her pupils not to chew, she told them to flush it down the loo. She said that it was pretty gross, her pupils said we love it most. Miss Bigelow just said “As you sit, will you please all your gum spit?” They spat it out right out at her and she drowned in a gummy blur. She did not tell them where to spit so each and every little git, got revenge on their teacher dear, and no other would go to her near. For she was covered in the little bums, chewy, chewy, chewing gum!

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Wow. i met another bake off star

Brendan from the bake off 2012 came to cookery soc on Tuesday to do a talk about his time on bake off. the 60 year old made choux pastry cygnets with cream and raspberries. He also made a poached pear pie with frangipan and pistachio nuts sprinkled on top. This is the second time in the space of three weeks that I have met celebrities from one of my favorite shows. The blog post about Solomon Akhatar still to come soon.

What a disaster: Cupcakes?more like amaretti biscuits

Baking for Christian Union? Sounds easy enough. Cupcakes will do. If you don’t have vanilla extract, don’t use almond extract. Leave the extract. If you use almond extract, your muffins will taste like amaretti biscuits. I found out the hard way. I now have no cake for Christian Union. the butter icing was a disaster too. i added a bit too much milk and it went all gloopy. I will NOT try again next week. Leave a comment below if you have ever had a baking disaster like that.

Your Fired: Jeune House does the Apprentice

Solomon Aktar was going to come to school next Wednesday. Unfortunately, he has been double booked and the Cookery and Economics societies are re-arranging a date. To make up for it, my house tutor group is running a Shell competition based on BBC’s Apprentice. On Tuesday, the project was to create your own board game and advertise and sell it to the school. My team is creating a game called Task or treat. you roll the dice and depending on which square you land on, you either get a sweet from the bowl or a dare. I’m the project manager (yippee) and if my team loses I am going to be so cross with them. Luckily, I am also doing house shouts (music competition) so I have left a friend in charge of my team to create and advertise the game. Fingers crossed my team will win.

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New bloggers

At lunch, I was sitting in the library and my friend asked me what I was doing. I told him I was writing a blog post about seeing Martha and The Arch bishop (see Martha Collinson and Justin Welby #a recipe for life) and I asked him if he wanted to start one. he was really excited and before I knew it, he had written his own blog post. Then another friend came and did exactly what my other friend had done.

I think it is great that my friends are starting to blog. I’ve been blogging since I was about five or six. My friends have just started. How many do you think I can get.

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